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Progressive Care Therapy offers a range of therapy services to help you accomplish your goals.

Every patient is unique and has differing needs, and we do our best to find the solution to your challenges. Our friendly staff is here to guide you in your journey to feeling better. View our list of services or give us a call to learn how we can help.

Helping Build Health & Strength For Your Daily Life

Progressive Care Therapy working on fitness ball

Physical Therapy

Chronic pain management, joint replacement recovery, balance and fall programs, ankle and foot pain, low back and neck pain, Sacroiliac (SI) pain, IT band/Hip/Thigh pain, knee pain, work injuries, and orthopedic injury recovery.

Occupational Therapy - working on exercise machines

Occupational Therapy

Shoulder, elbow, hand dysfunctions, ADL support and cognitive and behavior intervention specialist. Our therapist is trained in customized splinting for carpal tunnel syndrome, scar tissue management, and strokes.

Speech Therapy with fruits on the table

Speech and Language Pathology

Swallowing dysfunction, Vital Stim Certified, Communication and voice augmentation.

Two ladies working on warm water pool exercises

Warm Water Aquatic Therapy

Joint replacement, chronic pain management relief for conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, paralysis, low back & neck pain, Sacroiliac (SI joint) and whiplash.

Woman working on arm machine at Fitness Center at Progressive Care

Personal Training

Individual and group programs created to support the client goals of an ongoing active lifestyle. Our trainers develop customized programs at whatever fitness level you are at and assist in gaining strength and function. Our trainers work side by side with the therapists to assist in continuing your program customized for your success.


All Ages

Progressive Care Therapy services cater to individuals of all age groups, from children to adults. Notably, in Minnesota, we operate in a non-referral state, making our services easily accessible to all."

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